Company Summary

1.1. Company Ownership and History

ADVANCEDRADIO, has been established on 1998 in Ankara, Turkey. ADVANCEDRADIO has been providing technologies that combine innovation, quality and reliability. The company focuses on advance technologies in Building Electronics, Broadcast, Professional Sound & Lighting, distributes a wide range of products of leading manufacturers to local and international markets, as well as, makes system design and integration with experienced and expertise engineering team.

1.2. Start-up Summary

ADVANCEDRADIO has started it business life with providing RF and uplink equipment and services for local and national broadcasting companies. With the excellent engineering team in ADVANCEDRADIO began to make its own equipment in R & D Department instead of buying, which get the prices lower for our clients. After 1998, just after beginning the business, ADVANCEDRADIO began to produce terrestrial radio links (digital and analogue), Encoder,Modulator,Up Convertor,FM Transmitter,FM Antennas, FM Splitters,Overcamera links, prompters, and RDS in its production department, which has been formed within our company. With their production and broadcasting quality, our links gained numerous certificates abroad.

1.3. Geographic Coverage

At the beginning ADVANCEDRADIO was a national company, but after the successful projects, we decide to move forward. While the head office was in Ankara, ADVANCEDRADIO made business in Balkans, Africa and part of Europe. By the time ADVANCEDRADIO began to search Asia where the origin comes

2.1. Description of Products and Services

As the company ADVANCEDRADIO Production Electronics, we deliver turn-key services at home and abroad in the fields of Radio Studios and Antenna Systems, radio Studio-Broadcaster system buildings,

– Radio Studios

2.2. Competitive Comparison

ADVANCEDRADIO production is continuing successfully to design projects and to install systems in Asian, BDT, and African counties, which have begun to develop in the broadcasting field recently.

In addition, ADVANCEDRADIO provides support for consultants, system integrators, and installers. This is backed up with fast deliveries, extensive training and customer support. One of the advantages of ADVANCEDRADIO that, thanks to our strong background engineering and system design, and also having a good relationship with clients and understand the needs, we able to develop new designs and serve them to clients in lower price. Not buying the equipments and reselling them to the clients as most of the providers do.

2.3. Sales Literature

ADVANCEDRADIO has always been an idea to ‘do whatever you know best’. Thanks to our objectives on the area, we have been at the top choice of the Radio Broadcasting companies, government and private companies.

Coming with the experience in TV and Radio broadcasting, and additional completed projects on providing internet in different countries all over the Asia, Balkan States and all over Turkey, ADVANCEDRADIO has got wide area of sales on this technology.

Here are some of the countries we provide whether Radio-TV station or establish any of our design.

– Turkey,

– Afghanistan,

– Bosnia,

– Kosovo,

– Moldova,

– Georgia,

– Iraq,

– Azerbaijan,

– Turkmenistan,

– Kyrgyzstan,

– Mongolia … and many others.

2.4. Sourcing and Fulfillment

ADVANCEDRADIO produce most of the equipment by itself with competitive price to clients. These are radio links (digital and analogue), Encoder,Modulator,Up Convertor,FM Transmitter,FM Antennas, FM Splitters,Overcamera links, prompters, and RDS. If ADVANCEDRADIO had to buy equipment, it will definitely choose the one which has the highest quality.